I am a newlywed PhD student, ex-runner turned weight lifting enthusiast who enjoys making strange but delicious things in the kitchen. Usually with protein, often incorporating nut-butter.

I used to be a huge fan of long distance running (I’ve raced three half-marathons and one full marathon). Ever since I completed my personal training certification, however, and became more familiar with weight training and other types of conditioning. I began getting bored with steady state cardio and started doing more high intensity interval and metabolic conditioning training. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my body composition (mainly less fat around my midsection and arms), my strength and muscle mass has increased, and most importantly I don’t have to spend hours plugging away on a treadmill (or outside in the snow).

My current style of training involves a mixture of weight training and high intensity interval training 6 days a week.

2014-11-22 07.28.32-1

I am a certified personal trainer with experience making workout-plans for people of all abilities/activity levels.

If you’re interested in becoming more active but don’t know where to begin, shoot me an email at llrnfitness@gmail.com.


Half marathon: 1:35:45
Marathon: 3:27:57
Bench press: 125lbs
Deadlift: 210lbs
Front Squat: 125lbs (back squatting aggravates a slipped disk in my back so I just stick with front)

2014-12-02 22.03.33


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