Freekeh – A Delicious High Fiber, High Protein Grain

Hi everyone! I hope your March is going well! Here in Ontario we’re finally starting to see some warmer weather, which is fantastic. Recently I was introduced to a new grain called freekeh, and I love the texture, taste and nutritional info, so I thought I’d go over it with you all!

Freekeh (or Farik) is an ancient grain from the Middle East made from roasted green wheat. Compared to white rice, freekeh has up to eight times more dietary fibre, and up to twice as much protein. It kind of reminds me of a combination of bulgur and quinoa. Here in Canada, the only place I’ve found it is Bulk Barn. I also know that Bob’s Red Mill sells it, I’ve heard that Trader Joe’s carries it, and you can find it in some Middle Eastern Markets Here is a nutritional comparison to quinoa, bulgur, white rice and brown rice. freekeh table

Note: It is not gluten free. Like bulgur, freekeh is a form of wheat, so if you’re gluten sensitive I’d go with quinoa or rice


I find it has a similar texture to quinoa and bulgur, but tastes a little nuttier.I personally prefer the taste of freekeh to bulgur

Recently, I’ve been enjoying it on top of a salad:

2015-03-03 13.03.20

Or mixed with tuna, onions and spices:

2015-03-09 12.43.35

I imagine it would be great in any casserole as a rice or quinoa substitution as well!


I cook my freekeh in a rice cooker, with 1 cup freekeh to 2.5 cups water, and a little salt and pepper.

You could also prepare it stove top with the same ratio, just watch until all the liquid is absorbed.


So there you have an overview of my new favorite grain! I hope you can find it and enjoy it too!